i·den·ti·ty / i-den-ti-dad

The term Identity encompasses many things: religion, gender, race, sexual orientation, and in some cases even species (see: Dragon Lady). In other words, our identity can fundamentally shape our life experiences. But how much do our life experiences shape who we are?

Growing up, I constantly struggled with my identity.

I was born in the south, and raised by a mother with a culturally diverse background. She was born in New Jersey, grew up in South Florida and was raised by both of her Cuban-born & bred parents. By the time I rolled around, Georgia was our home, and the term ‘cultural identity’ meant nothing to me.

My childhood is a hodge-podge of images of bare-feet on Georgia red clay, honey suckle snacks, and the tight pull of my mother braiding my hair in the early mornings before school. Those days were sweet, and identity was a concept untouched by my carefree mind.

Like most, identity became my subconscious’ quest during teenage years. There was not a music genre un-listened- to, or an emotional breakdown un-had by 15 year old me. Amidst the angst-ridden teen novels, loud music, and secret filled sleepovers, an identity was forming.

Alas, I felt as though I had finally shed my human exterior to reveal the unicorn that hidden beneath.


Except….this is not where the story (or this blog) ends.

Culturally confused, I paraded through my teenage life as an ignorant schoolgirl.

I was 1/2 Cuban Coffee & 1/2 Sweet tea, but I didn’t pay attention to the former.

I didn’t want to learn the spanish my mother tried to teach me, and ignored the part of me that was a full half of my identity: my culture.

When I started to understand the concept of a person’s ‘cultural identity’, I began to understand the source of my confusion and the purpose behind my searching heart.

I am (still) on the quest to understand myself, and in order to do that I have created this blog. Through this blog, I will take you on a journey throughout some unique life experiences in a way only a ghostly pale, second generation Cuban American/White Girl can.

Let the quest commence!





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